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FICA IPS Cristobal de Monroy ITTGrassi

IES Cristóbal de Monroy

IES Cristobal de Monroy is the oldest school in Alcala de Guadaira. It was built in 1968. It is an ESO training center  Three modes are used for this purpose: Daytime and evening frontal lessons,  Blended learning; ESA also in classroom and blended learning; It offers several training cycles, both of middle and upper grade. Training paths that can be developed in our center are:

  • C.F.Grado Medio Commerciale
  • C. F. Superior management of transport
  • C. Intermediate Level F. Microcomputer Systems and Networks,
  • C.F. being the top technical engineer for application development and web application development Superior

Our center has the ECHE letter and is currently participating in Erasmus + AC1 and AC2 projects.


The Federation of Industry and Commerce of Alcala de Guadaira (FICA) is a cross-sectoral business organization at the local level, representing the general interests of businesses in the city and its purpose, to promote cooperation between its members and their promotion. FICA was founded in 1991, currently has 340 affiliated companies and brings together various trade associations, including the Association of Traders in St. Lucia, the Tortas de Alcalá Association and the Alcalá Bakers Association. FICA carries out many activities to promote entrepreneurial culture, especially with schools, particularly with I.E.S. Cristobal de Monroy with whom to participate in the ERASMUS + project


ITIS Carlo Grassi

ITIS Carlo Grassi in Turin, Italy was founded over 40 years ago and ts reputation has been established as one of the leading secondary schools in the north of Italy with a strong focus on ITC, Electrotechnics and Automation, Aeronautical Engineering, Transports and Logistics industry sectors. Our range of courses include ITC, Logistics and aircraft engineering and piloting,

Electrotechnics. We have currently 44 classes with students ranging from the age of 14 to 19, with approximately 86% of male students.

Our courses are student-centred, dynamic and are designed to meet current market needs.
They try to respond to the demand for flexible job orientated training and education. Our courses are open to both male and female applicants. We have a strong work experience programme that forms an integral part of the last three years courses. The school also has a significant deal of experience in working with disadvantaged students. The college has support services in to help these students achieve their full potential through education.

We have been involved with mobility programmes for a number of years. We also participated in 2002 on other European projects including Comenius bilateral projects. In order to ensure quality in these projects and to foster close relationships with partner colleges we have some staff to coordinate our International project activity.

Last year we took part to the Master dei Talenti Neodiplomati and we were able to send four students of ours to Cork (IRL) for a 10 weeks internship program.

Our school joined a Project in partnership with ENEL (electric power main supplier in Italy) which involves three years apprentice starting from the fourth year of high school and has as a target a contract with the company for the students participating .

We are currently working on a Project called Building up, aimed at empowering students language competence (English) in the technical subjects, which will be followed by a 2 weeks stay in CorkIreland in partnership with a College of secondary education.

Our students will hopefully project and build a drone and program the software to remote control its flight.

We have career guidance staff who foster relationship with the different industry sectors and provide opportunities for internship during and at the end of the school year.

The Polytechnic Institute of Santarém

The Polytechnic Institute of Santarém is an institution of public higher education (tertiary level) that began its activity in 1979 and consists of the following Schools: Agriculture, Sports, Education, Management and Technology and Health.
The Higher School of Education of Santarém (ESES) was created by Decree-Law No. 513-T/79 of 26 December as the organic unity of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém and is an institution of tertiary level, aimed at teaching, research, service to community and collaboration with national and foreign activities of common interest.
Attended by almost 700 students, is currently operating the degrees of First Cycle of Basic Education, Childhood Education, Social Education, Cultural Animation and Community Education, Education and Communication Multimedia and Visual Arts and Multimedia.
The ESES is also focusing on training courses in order to meet the needs of professional, civic and cultural that are felt throughout life, in society. Our school promotes innovative practices for teachers of all educational levels in several areas: Arts; ICT; Multimedia among other
The ESES have got previous experience from Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus + projects and many other European and domestic programmes. The school community realised that involvement in Erasmus + programmes broadens horizons, develop the mind and allows young people to become true European citizens with an understanding of other cultures and education systems.