Why use this page?

This page is intended to be a tool to help the search for partners of future European projects.

How does it work?

In order to use this page you must first register


During the Registration you will be asked for the following information:

Data from the Work Center.

In this section you will be asked for the following data from your work center.

  •  Name of the centre:
  • Street:
  • City:
  • Country:
  • e-mail:
  • Type of Center: Here you must select if it is a school (Primary, Secondary, …) a company (Company) a public institution (Public Institution) or another type of organization (NGO, …)

Personal data and area of ​​knowledge

In this section you will be asked for the following personal information.

  • First name:
  • Surnames:
  • e-mail:
  • Password:
  • Repeat the password:
  • Select area: In this section you must select your area of ​​work or personal specialization.
  • Type of project You must indicate in what type of project you wish to participate, or if you already have one indicate the type. Being able to be KA1 (101, 102, …) KA2 (201,202, ….)
  • Project name: (Optional)

You must accept the conditions and the captcha of the page. You will receive an email that you must confirm. If you do not receive the email, please check the Spam folder. You will not be able to login until you have confirmed that email.


In order to search for partners, you must complete all the steps in the previous section.

Login with your personal email as username and the password you entered in the registry. If you do not remember the password you can request a new one.

When you have made the login you can search for the partners that are registered in the system. For this you have a filter that will ask you:

  • Country:
  • Select area:
  • Type of Center:
  • Select type of project:

The system will show all the possible partners that comply with the filters that have been requested. Clicking on the button



It will allow you to send an email to the person who has registered, you can decide if you want to share your email or not. You will not have direct access to the email of the partner with whom you wish to contact, only if you share yours could you get in touch in a faster way. The system does not store any email of the sent only the data to put in contact the partners. Only your personal email will be shared if you wish, although we recommend it to connect future European partners.

To participate in European projects you will need a PIC. The PIC is a very important data that your institution must have in order to carry out any European project. You can check your PIC here . You can get the PIC for your institution here.

The yfys team wishes you luck.