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The idea

Nowadays, we all have a smartphone in our pocket.
Increased use of mobile devices with larger and better screens, more memory, greater multimedia capabilities, and more refined methods for entering and searching data.
This ease of access to content anytime and anywhere has generated consensus in the group that the smartphone is the ideal tool to search partners of any European project.
An initial search by the partners for links or mobile applications that implemented all the functionalities that were intended to achieve with the project, allowed to conclude that there were no mobile applications with the desired characteristics.
Since all project partners are from the ICT areas it the main objective of the project is to develop a software application, using free software licenses, which allows the construction and consultation of relevant information on the different European projects.

Project objectives

The project aims at:
A) Sharing good practices among partners in the field of free software;
B) Promoting and articulating the joint work of the Educational Centers involved, which belong to different cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic contexts, etc .;
C) Developing strategies to integrate the knowledge acquired within the curricula of each school;
D) Involving students in the project;
E) Planning and developing a WebSite and an Android mobile application that implements the intended objectives for the project;
F) Using tools to disseminate activities;
G) Monitoring the progress of the project;
H) Evaluating the results produced by the project;
I) Evaluating the possibility of extending the project to other languages;

Digital resources to produce

Development of a WebSite, as well as an Android application, based on good practices agreed by the partners that allows:
A) Registration of insitiutions and research of partners of different projects.
B) European partner research
C) Communication between partners to establish / build the project

The software will be developed in all partner languages, English will be the official language of the project.
All media used for the project will be Free Licenses.
The software will be distributed under GPL license.